Jonathan Yeo: Portrait Pro and Self-Taught Creative

Jonathan Yeo: Portrait Pro and Self-Taught Creative

So, you’ve got this dude, Jonathan Yeo, a big-shot portrait painter from the UK. He’s all about saying, “Hey, in a world where everyone’s snapping selfies left and right, old-school portraits are still cool.” This guy’s painted everyone from celebs like Sir David Attenborough to the Duchess of Cornwall. Yeah, he’s kind of a big deal. – koin303

Not Your Typical Art School Grad

Now, here’s the kicker—Yeo didn’t go to art school. Nope, he’s self-taught. But that didn’t stop him. He says, “Portraits are no walk in the park, but not having art school shoved down my throat made me figure things out my way.”

Passing on the Know-How

After nearly 30 years in the game, Yeo’s decided to drop some knowledge. He’s doing these lessons for BBC Maestro, where he spills the beans on how to be a portrait boss. It’s like Netflix for learning stuff, and Yeo’s the star teacher.

Portraits: More Than Just a Pretty Face

Yeo’s all about saying a portrait is more than a snapshot. It’s a journey. Unlike a photo that freezes time, a painting captures different moments. He reckons it’s like getting to know someone over a cup of coffee. You see them on good days, bad days, all the days. It’s real, two eyes versus one camera lens kinda stuff.

Delevingne’s Playful Side

So, remember Cara Delevingne? The model, actress, and author? Yeo painted her in the mid-2010s. But here’s the twist—she wasn’t your sit-still-and-pose kind of gal. Nope, she wanted to have a blast. Picture this: leftover party props, glasses, and goggles. Delevingne’s throwing on disguises, and Yeo’s loving it. Groucho Marx vibes, supermodel edition.

Egerton’s Identity Game

Then there’s Taron Egerton, the dude who played Elton John in Rocketman. Yeo wanted to capture the blur between Egerton and the character. So, he picks an outfit from the movie, throwing in some “Who’s the real Elton?” vibes. It’s like catching a sneak peek into the backstage of identity.

Brushstrokes and Banter

Yeo spills the tea on what it’s like behind the canvas. Kristen Scott Thomas, an actor he painted, rocks up a week early to an exhibition in Denmark. Classic mix-up, but instead of freaking out, she ends up helping Yeo set up shop. Misses the grand opening, though. Oops!

The Takeaway

In a nutshell, Jonathan Yeo went from zero art school to hero painter. His portraits aren’t just pretty pictures; they’re a journey through time. Now, he’s dishing out his secrets on BBC Maestro, so you can learn to paint like a boss too. Portraits, man. They’re more than just faces on canvas—they’re stories waiting to be told.